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2D Animation

2D animation has its attraction and origin dating back to the 19th century. Today it has become more sophisticated and widely used. Not only videos and story telling , it has become a trend to use flash for TV productions and webisodes.

Zurvan Systems Production team is segregated under 2D animation, e-Learning and Flash Games.  Witnessing the current trends in the animation industry, where not only the nascent producers but as well the giant studios and animation producers look upon us for their animation production needs.

Zurvan Systems core strength is its highly experienced animators, profound in flash animation and traditional animation techniques.

Zurvan Systems team under Flash games is skilled in developing flash based games, to be more specific, our team is quiet capable of developing 2D games single user, multi user games, Flash animated games.

Zurvan Systems 2D animation team is versatile in traditional techniques, possess enormous experience in classical animation, semi-classical animation, semi-limited animation, limited animation and cut-out animation. Quiet strong in producing 2D animated contents for TV, web and movie output.

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