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Search Engine Optimization

You have spent a lot on your website. But does your company name come up at least in the first page in search results? How much revenue do you get out of it? Are your potential clients able to find your site? How do you stand apart from the millions of other websites? Because Web Site Development is not enough to boost your business!

Getting on the top of the search engine imparts that level of authority and identity to the site that cannot be generated from any other form of Internet Marketing.

Having your website's name on the first page of search results, creates a sense of security in the mind of the buyer - if the search engine gives you recognition, so does the prospects who come to your site from the search results page. Credibility is a very hard thing to achieve on the Internet, particularly if your site is new and getting on top of the search engine ranking makes this easier to achieve.

Our team of SEO specialists work with you to assess the needs of your website to get it to the top of search engine ranking for selected keywords and step you through our list of services detailed below to create a complete and an effective optimization strategy.

Please go through the features of our SEO services to know what exactly SEO is all about and how it can help you to increase your ROI.


Why choose Zurvan Systems for SEO Services?

The question really boils down to why choose us? The reasons are as follows:

Experienced Staff from our SEO division is comprised of individuals who are not only trained and certified in this field but also come from some of the top companies where they were solely recruited getting the company's name on top of the Search results. On an average basis every individual has 3 years of experience. We only recruit the best in the industry.

Knowledge Base
We have our own updated knowledge base and are in tune with all the changes that takes place in search engines base algorithm.

We Get You Results
Most Importantly - We get you the results - getting you on the first results page of the Search Engine for the targeted keywords.


Our SEO Service Details

Link Building

Link Building is one of the important aspect when trying to achieve high rankings in search engine results and also getting a steady flow of traffic to the site. Link building takes careful planning and approach as with new search engine rules having your site link in blog farms, link farms, blacklisted sites, FFA sites will eventually get your site penalized.

Link Building requires careful planning and execution and involves a number of factors including link baiting, press release, directory submission, article submission, blog submission, reciprocal linking, one-way linking and many others. There are three types of link building process:

Themed Link Building
In this method we do an initial analysis of sites in your competitive sphere and see which sites they are linking to. We breakdown the results in order of the type of sites for example reciprocal linking websites, blogs sites , forums or paid link sites. Once we have the list then we contact the sites and start the link building process. In themed link building the most important criteria is the anchor text, which is the keyword or phrase that is being targeted to get high search engine results.

Random Link Building
While it is important to have a themed link building process - it is also important to do a random link building process. Random link building process should not be equated to submitting to sites without prior checking as to whether they are link farms or blacklisted sites, rather it is submitting to high page rank unrelated sites, which may not be always possible when doing themed link building.

Link Baiting
This is an important strategy to get high PR rankings and also generate lot of traffic from relevant websites. In summary this is writing an article or press release and publishing it as a page on the corporate website. However this article content is different from those that are written for article submission sites and it should have one of the following criterions, which are referred to as the hook in order to bait the link:

- News hook
- Contrary Hook
- Attack Hook
- Resource Hook
- Humor Hook

Link baiting is a strategy for bringing quality one way links without the need for hunting links through unique and fresh content. And one way back links have a high value in regards to search engine rankings score than reciprocal links


The first things we do when working with a new client is do a full SEO analysis. This Analysis is crucial because it gives the client an idea of the current snapshot of their site, problems with their layout, how much traffic they are receiving, how much time people are spending on their site and other details. This provides as a benchmark (reference) against which you can measure the improvements in your site.

Monthly Reports

Monthly reports are provided every 30 days from when the job is started, indicating what has been done on the site, your rankings for keywords targeted, traffic and other details. This report is formatted in the same way as our initial snapshot report (which we provided initially), so it will be easy to estimate the benefits of our services.

Keyword Strategy & Research

The very first step in the search engine optimization process and one of the most important factors is determining which keywords and key phrases you will be targeting for indexing on the search engines. Keyword research provides the foundation for executing a successful SEO strategy. Let’s face one simple fact optimizing your site for wrong keywords will not make any sense as the main aim of SEO is to get you free organic traffic. We use the absolutely best service in the business “Wordtracker” while deciphering the best keywords for your site. We shortlist both short and long tail keywords, that has the most effective KEI (high traffic with low competition) for your site.

Title and Meta Tags Optimization

After our keyword research we optimize the title and meta tags. This is one of the important factors as most often your meta description tag will be the information seen by the visitors in the search engine display results. Your title and meta keywords are important for the search engine spiders letting them know what is the theme of the page. This is not about putting any random details that you feel would be relevant. There are factors involved such as prominence, frequency, weight when optimizing these tags.

Robot.txt Optimization

The robots.txt file tells Google, Yahoo and other search engines what files are in your site. With our service you don’t have to worry about the technical know how because we do the work for you.

SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting is the technique of writing content that pleases both the search engines and the visitors to your website. It is just as important to have all the necessary keywords and phrases in the text as it is that the content is well thought out, with a clear hierarchy of headings and subheadings. We logically plan the type of content for each page or section of your site, starting with general ideas such as main page content, and working down to interior page text, headings, and subheadings for the various pages of your site that will be represented in your main navigation menu.

Planning the various sections of your site in this manner will allow visitors to have the best site experience. Typically, surfers on the internet are always on the go, moving from one site to another, so they prefer to easily skim through pages or sections of WebPages that have a clear headings system, so they can have access to the information they want as fast as possible, rather then read a page from beginning to end as they would with the page of a book. Paired with a logical and intuitive navigation, the site will keep your visitors happy as well as the search engines, since today's algorithms are better able to differentiate between well written, organized material, and the redundant, spam content that we have all seen indexed in the past.

Latent Semantic Indexing

Once we have decided on which keywords or key phrases we want to target throughout your website, there is another consideration to take into account before moving onto the next step of seo copywriting. Merely using these keywords repetitively throughout your content, even if you are using them at a safely conservative rate (keyword density should be between 3-7%), is not going to convince Google and other search engines to give you strong, long lasting rankings.
Google, along with MSN and other search engine giants, has now incorporated into it's algorithms Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI). Instead of indexing web pages based on the strength of one or 2 keywords on a page, the algorithm will judge how relevant the page is by how extensively the content of your main keywords are covered. In other words, the more unique, well structured content you have concerning all facets of a given subject on your site, the higher indexing it will receive.
Writing content of a website relevant to the initial keyword research is greatly complemented by making the site as useful as possible. We pride ourselves on offering a complete keyword research service, not only focusing on the initial keyword results, but also how these keywords necessitate the presence of additional well structured content. This is an imperative part of our search engine optimization services, as it will add to the completeness, usefulness, and unique content of your web site, ultimately leading to the widest possible audience for your online presence.

Semantic HTML

Once the content of your site is written, the site's visitors will now have your carefully thought out ideas to read and the search engines will be eager to crawl your keyword researched text in order to index your site accordingly. While it will be clear to your visitors what this text means by reading it, the search engine spiders won't automatically understand what type of content they're seeing while crawling the web.

Describing the type of data on the pages of your site is done by using the semantically appropriate html elements (tags) for the content in question. This will help the search engines understand the difference for example between a heading or subheading from merely some bold text near the top of the page. A group of related items should be contained within html ordered or unordered list tags, including any menus or navigations on your site.

These are just a couple of many types of html elements that have some semantic meaning and should be used whenever possible. Generic html elements (ones that have no semantic meaning) should only be used when no other appropriate element is available. Typically this situation arises when grouping sections of a webpage for layout purposes. One of the biggest mistakes in html semantics is the use of html tables for website layout.

Google XML Sitemap

There are two different types of sitemaps: One is for your visitors and the other in XML format for the Search engine spiders. We create the sitemap in xml format and upload it to your websites root directory and also submit to Google. This is vitally important if you want your site pages to be indexed by search engines. We also create the sitemap for your visitors and integrate with your website template.

Table-less Layouts

Throughout the 1990s and still today, many so-called web developers choose to misuse HTML tables to define the layout of web pages. Tables are meant for tabular data only, such as spreadsheets, and using them for layout is semantically inappropriate.
Table based layout schemes embed many and often nested (one inside the other) tables, table rows and table data cells throughout HTML pages, typically bloating the pages to double the file size, creating slower loading web sites. HTML tables used in this way, often called table soup, will lower the ratio of meaningful data (that you wish to have crawled and indexed by search engine spiders) to code on the page. The extra code in this case is what is known as presentational html, which goes against the fundamental recommendations of strict Web Standards, since all presentational data belongs in the CSS file.

Search engine spiders will crawl a limited length of your page before leaving to index other links of your site, therefore you want the content of your HTML files to be accessible, with lean, standards compliant, valid markup, feeding the search engine spiders as much valuable content as possible without unnecessarily bloating the file with presentational markup, is better suited for CSS.

Monthly maintainance

Once your site has all the key optimization elements in place for long lasting high ranking, you will need a monthly maintenance plan. The strong web standards foundation and semantic html of your site will not need improvement, but as the indexing algorithms change (often subtly), and as trends and competition change, we will be there to defend the placement of your well ranked site. Updating your site with fresh content is extremely beneficial for continued and improved indexing, and we'll be there to ensure that any changes done on your site will only improve your listings, and we'll help you avoid making changes that will do the opposite. Our SEO department will handle this for you.