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Software Development

Our software development staff provide web and mobile application development services to large as well as small companies. Our company employs a number of dedicated people who can offer a great depth of experience in software development, software analysis and software consulting services.

Our software development team is specialized in software and web application development services such as e-commerce software programming, websites development, mobile application development and many others. Java, .Net, PHP software developers of our company are also experienced in developing major enterprise applications. We also have Subject Matter Experts and talent in many fields such as CRM & ERP Software, Data Mining, Knowledge Management, Business Intelligence software etc.

Big Data

We specialize in customizing the capture, storage and searching huge amounts of data for our clients. These solutions allow easy integration with Business Intelligence tools that transform the data into actionable intelligence. Some clients deal with up to 500 TB of data that increases 1 TB per week. We help clients in the selection of Business Intelligence tools suitable for their environment.

Our technical development team have expertise in providing web development software services such as Mobile application development, Java development (J2EE, J2SE), PHP, .NET, C/C++, C#, SPARQL, RDF DB, NoSQL DB, HDFS, HBase, Hadoop, mongoDB, Software programming, Windows Media Services, Flash programming, Flex, Ajax, and many more.



Why choose Zurvan Systems for Software Development?

Our software development team can deliver the following benefits to you:

1. Cost reduction

2. Increased productivity and revenue

3. Faster development time

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