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10 Critical Web design Mistakes

From a mature business to a growing business owner, website is important to everyone. A good website is like the central hub of your company. It’s an important part for your company branding and marketing. So any mistakes in designing the website can cause a big problem for your company. There are some common mistakes that the web designers do while developing a website. Here is a list of 10 critical web design mistakes to avoid:

1.    Let the users understand what your site is about in seconds: In most of the cases the visitors come to your site haphazardly. If they can’t figure out what your site is all about, just by taking a glance they will move away. They will probably go elsewhere to fulfill their requirements.

2.    Use standard contents: Always use standard and scannable content. The users might visit your site while working on other sites. So write your contents such a way so that the users can understand all your points even without reading the entire contents. Use enough Bullet points, headers, subheaders, lists etc. to attract the eye-catch.

3.    Avoid using unreadable fancy fonts: Fancy fonts sometimes help your website to appear sophisticated. But unreadable fonts will surely disgust the users. If your main aim is to send a message to the users then you will have to make the process easier for them.

4.    Never Ask for Registration Unless It’s Necessary: You just have to think one thing that people surf through the internet for information. The people might visit your website just for gathering information. If you force them to register by leaving their email address they might over look your site. So never ask for registration from the people unless it is really necessary.

5.    Avoid Overusing Flash: Excessive usage of flash might annoy your visitors. You should only use flash when the features that you offer are not supported by static pages.

6.    Avoid Integrating Music: There are some web owners who try to successfully integrate music in their website. Avoid doing it, as it, if failed, might create a miserable situation.

7.    Don’t Lengthen the Process to Access Your Website Contents: Sometimes the web designers design such a home page where the visitors need to follow couple of steps to access your contents. The smaller the number of steps, the better.

8.     Did You Include your Contact Details? A website without contact details is the worst thing. If you don’t include it you might lose important feedbacks along the way.

9.    Avoid Using Complex URL Structure: You should always use a simple keyword based URL structure. It will not only improve your search engine rankings but it’ll also make it easier for the users to identify the contents of your pages.

10.    Never Blend Advertising Within the Content: Blending advertising like Adsense units inside your content might increase your click-through rate in short term base if concerned. However, this will reduce your readership base.

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