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Increase conversion,But how?

Web site Conversion rate is the number of visitors to your site that take the desired action against the total number of visitors in a particular period or time. It is a measure of the number of potential customers that come to your website and go on to buy. In one sentence it is actually the percentage of visitors that make a purchase. It is a matter that all the websites should care about. It is a matter of fact that 60% of websites do not know their conversion rates. Most of the times, it can be seen that there are some small mistakes in the websites that prevents the websites to get expected conversion rates. These problems, if solved, would have a huge effect on their conversion rate. It is very simple to increase website conversion rate. Here are such 10 techniques:


1.    Make a Simple User Friendly Website: It sounds simple but it has a great connection with your conversion rate. The more complex your website will appear to the users the less people will buy from you. Always build websites thinking about all kinds of browsers. Just provide the users enough space so that they can be flexible with your site.

2.    Be Honest and Open Hearted: Always be honest and open to share your views to the users. If you have a product out of stock, then go forward to say this to the customers. The most annoying thing is that the users will check out a product and add it to the cart and then find out that they are not actually available in your stock. Always be honest to say about the price and don’t hide any extra costs. Sometimes the website owners want to hide the shipment cost of a product. This should not be done as it harasses the users.

3.    Don’t waste time: Don’t ask too much information from the users. It is a great mistake that the site owners do. Don’t waste your user’s valuable time. You also don’t need to demand the user’s email address before letting them download a PDF.

4.    Be Trusty to Your Users: It is true that most of the people are still cautious when buying any products online. You should represent yourself so that the customers trust you. There are few ways to achieve trust from your users. Always start with asking for an address. A phone number with people answering the phone is also helpful. You can show your privacy policy and explain shipment costs to be reliable to your users. If you possess any certificate don’t hesitate to show them to the users. Good site design and standard content also impress the customer. All these things will help you to gain faith from the users.

5.    Keep the users informed:  The users who want to buy from your site always have some queries. Always try to solve their queries. When somebody is buying a product from your site he wants to know around when it’s going to arrive at his doorsteps. People really become impatient about that. So always try to provide all the information about that.

6.    Offer different payment modes: You should always offer your users more than one option to make their payment. It is important as every user has credit cards and those who have also always don’t like to use. If they find numerous options to make payments they will really like it.

7.    Value your visitors: Always try to value your visitors. Always let them think that they are your priority. It helps them to take more interests on your site. It will also increase your sell.

8.    Offer a clear return policy: Don’t forget to offer the users a clear return policy. Remember your visitors can not see you physically. So always try to be reliable to your visitors. It is a fact that people could return your product after buying. So it is always useful to provide suitable return policy to the customers.

9.    Try to be memorable: Always remember a good site provides information not some mere catalogues. By creating a good site with standard contents, advice, reviews etc. you can very easily win the confidence of the user.

10.    Stress on your USP: USP or unique selling point is very important. USP is what sets you apart from your competitors. Most of the companies don’t know about their USP. Even those who have any, don’t know how to stress on it. Anything special about your company that may impress the users can be your USP. Great customer services, low prices, products that can't be bought elsewhere, free delivery, and great support - all of these can be your USP. You just have to tell your users what yours is.

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