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Web Design

Web design is the foundation to a successful website. A good site design not only goes a long way upholding the corporate image but also makes it easier for the customer to find the information they are looking for. A website should be viewed as an airport terminal where you channel the people to their destination zones in the easiest possible way. Finally with the advent of Web 2.0, website in this era needs to be an active medium - it should create and sustain a level of interaction.


Why choose Zurvan Systems for Web Design?

The question is why choose us for your web design:

Experienced Staff
We have the most experienced staff in business when it comes to web designing. Our web designers work in tandem with our SEO department to build your website which creates the equilibrium between user and search engine friendly website. We design websites that gives you the best online customer experience and high level of ROI.

Hand Coded
Our web design professionals hand code every website design from scratch. This not only gives you a unique site, which helps the web site to achieve high rankings in search engines but also gives you an error free site design when viewed in different browsers such as Mozilla, Netscape, Internet Explorer and others.

W3C Markup Validation
W3C Markup validation is one of the most vital aspects of a search engine friendly website. W3C Markup validation ensures that a site is indexed quickly by search engines; it also greatly improves the chances of a website achieving high rank on search engines. All websites designed by our team are W3C compliant.

Search Engine Indexing
Proper layout techniques, such as having a site map and executing a proper, planned linking strategy throughout the website will not only get the pages indexed easily, but in some cases proper linking will get the much needed 'votes' towards the important pages on the website.

Conversion Rate
A good site layout is all about converting the visitors into customers. By making an easy to use, uncluttered and user-centric layout, the probability factor of leading the customer into making the 'critical move', whether it is signing up to the newsletter, filling a survey or buying a product increases exponentially.

User Satisfaction

User satisfaction should be central goal when designing a site layout. A website should always be viewed from the point of the customer. It is a subtle shift in perception, but it helps decide whether all those extra menu options are needed or if the design could be simplified by placing those extra links at the bottom of the page; out of immediate view, thus reducing clutter and confusion but within reach if the user needs extra information. Google provides an excellent option in this regard "Website Optimizer" and we beta test every site layout before proceeding to decide which will be the final layout. Having the point-of-view of the end user, the customer is the most critical aspect when designing the website.

A good site layout will improve the image of your website. It is not always about search engine rankings - users are the first priority to ensure that your visitors do not go away without being impressed by the clarity and simplicity of the design.

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